• PyEphem — the astronomy library for Python The author of the excellent XEphem astronomy program gave me permission to make its astronomic routines accessible from the Python programming language, to make advanced and repetitious computations more convenient. After nearly ten years of further improvement, PyEphem is still the premier computational astronomy package freely available for Python.
  • TabSpace — a Twiddler key map Reference Sheet (PDF) User's Guide (PDF) Twiddler 1 configuration file (.ini) I was interested in wearable computing in the late 1990s, and acquired a Twiddler one-handed keyboard. Not satisfied with any of the existing chord mappings, I proceeded to develop my own. You can download the raw Twiddler configuration file that defines the mapping, or view the PDF user's guide or reference sheet. There was a thread on the Wear-Hard mailing list in November 1999 that discussed my mapping, including an analysis by Erik Westra and followup that suggests my layout is noticeably more efficient than either the HandyKey default or another popular alternative.