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API Reference — Orbital Elements

skyfield.elementslib.osculating_elements_of(position, reference_frame=None)

Produce the osculating orbital elements for a position.

The position should be an ICRF instance like that returned by the at() method of any Solar System body, specifying a position, a velocity, and a time. An instance of OsculatingElements is returned.

class skyfield.elementslib.OsculatingElements(position, velocity, time, mu_km_s)

One or more sets of osculating orbital elements.

An OsculatingElements object can be initialized with the following parameters:

position : Distance object
Position vector with shape (3,) or (3, n)
velocity : Velocity object
Velocity vector with shape (3,) or (3, n)
time: Time object
The times of the position and velocity vectors
mu_km_s: float
Gravitational parameter (G*M) in units of km^3/s^2