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You can either browse my full list of recorded talks, or else jump to the description of a particular talk using one of the links below:
2019 November 20 When Python Practices Go Wrong
2019 August 3 Keynote: The Antipodes
2019 June 16 Keynote: Typesetting with Python
2018 November 23 Keynote: Activation Energy
2018 November 7 Python as C++’s limiting case
2018 August 19 An Import Loop and a Fiery Reentry
2017 December 2 Animating with ASCII
2017 October 21 Keynote: You look at it till a solution occurs
2017 May 20 The Dictionary Even Mightier
2016 November 13 Using Python to power Selenium at scale
2016 October 21 Plone Conference Keynote: Python Web Technologies
2016 September 16 PyCon UK Keynote: Python and the Glories of the UNIX Tradition
2016 February 20 PyCaribbean Keynote: When Languages Meet
2016 January 13 The design of the ‘Assay’ testing framework
2015 May 26 Keynote: Stopping to Sharpen Your Tools
2015 May 25 Hoisting Your I/O
2015 April 19 Oh, Come On. Who Needs Bytearrays?
2014 October 12 Keynote: Building the Medieval Universe
2014 September 4 Keynote: Django, a Data Shovel With a Future
2014 August 17 Keynote: How To Shut Down Tolkien
2014 July 27 The Clean Architecture in Python
2014 July 26 Watch your Python script with strace
2014 April 13 The Day of the EXE Is Upon Us
2014 April 11 All Your Ducks In A Row: Data Structures in the Standard Library and Beyond
2014 February 8 Keynote: Moving Targets
2013 August 10 Skyfield and 15 Years of Bad APIs
2013 July 27 Keynote: Sine Qua Nons
2013 May 15 Keynote: Copernican Refactoring
2013 March 15 The Naming of Ducks: Where Dynamic Types Meet Smart Conventions
2013 January 11 Touring the Universe with Scientific Python
2012 November 10 A Python Æsthetic: Beauty and Why I Python
2012 July 29 Python Design Patterns 1
2012 March 12 Flexing SQLAlchemy's Relational Power
2012 March 11 Python, Linkers, and Virtual Memory
2011 September 24 Know Thy Database
2011 July 31 Procedures, Objects, Reusability: httplib, urllib2, and Their Discontents
2011 July 31 Names, Objects, and Plummeting From The Cliff
2011 July 30 Squinting at Python Objects
2010 February 19 Learning Hosting Best Practices From WebFaction
2010 February 19 The Mighty Dictionary
2008 March 15 Using Grok to Walk Like a Duck

Recent Writing

Much of my most recent prose is at my site, a work-in-progress where I’m starting to assemble many of the ideas from my talks into writing.

The posts I’ve made here on my personal site are:

2019 August 23 Animating Ptolemy’s Equant with Python, SVG, and CSS
2018 June 16 Learning SymPy while eliminating trigonometry from rotations
2018 March 31 Computing a final Tiangong-1 pass with Python
2018 March 30 A New Driver for the Original Twiddler
2017 August 3 Fixing OpenConnect’s VPN Search Domains on Ubuntu
2016 June 9 PyCon Trivia Night, Third Edition
2015 April 16 PyCon Trivia Night, Second Edition

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Foundations of Python Network Programming

book cover

I recently revised the popular book Foundations of Python Network Programming for Apress Media, adding several chapters and updating all of its 2004 source code to use modern Python libraries and techniques. I replaced its guides to obsolete technologies (like the old HTMLParser and mod_python modules) with more modern libraries including lxml wsgiref and json.

While the code in the printed book uses Python 2 syntax, the public source code repository contains Python 3 versions of all of the examples as well (unless a library has not been ported yet). Here are links to the source code and a free sample chapter:

Public source code — includes every listing in the book
Free sample — Chapter 10, “Screen Scraping”

I am now revising the book again to produce a third edition featuring Python 3 plus a whole list of new technologies including requests and scapy!