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My NOLA Plone Symposium talk, “the Zope 3 Component Architecture”

Date: 5 June 2008
Tags:computing, grok, python, zope

I have delivered my “Zope 3 Component Architecture” talk to the 2008 North American Plone Symposium meeting here in New Orleans. I want to thank the folks at Enfold Systems both for hosting the Symposium, inviting me to speak, and for generously making it possible for me to attend! Here are my slides:

opening slide

Download slides as PDF

They had asked me to attend so that I could present the Using Grok to Walk Like a Duck talk that I gave at PyCon 2008 back in March. They changed the title, I suppose, to better highlight why it would be of interest to the Plone community; but the change actually helped me to rethink the presentation. I wound up using only the first half of my PyCon slides. For the second half of the talk, which at PyCon had consisted of a crazy sequence of hints and tips about using adapters in your own applications, I instead did a much more successful series of slides about how adapters are actually used in Zope 3 to suit up objects for presentation on the web. I think this made the idea more concrete, and thus much easier to understand for people seeing adapters for the first time.

The talk was well enough received that I should perhaps think seriously about finding further opportunities to share Zope 3 technologies with the Plone community.

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