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Presentations on Buildout and KSS

Date: 23 February 2008
Tags:computing, grok, python, zope

After several frustrating weeks learning how to create, edit, and publish a screencast under Linux (about which I will write a separate post), I have now published screencasts of both presentations that I gave at the PyAtl meetup in January. I opened with a talk about the import statement, and where Python packages lived before egg files were invented:

The audience seemed most interested in the last section of the talk, where I discuss three techiques for debugging problems with Python's import statement; fast-forward to around 3:00 if you want to catch that part by itself.

Next, Jeremy Jones spoke about eggs, Noah Gift introduced virtualenv, and, finally, I got back up to talk about buildout. This was probably my own favorite among the recent presentations I have given, and it's the one I've worked hardest to adapt to a competent screencast:

[Edit, July 2020: the video “Introduction to Buildout” featuring Jeremy Jones no longer seems to exist]

I have prepared a supplement to the above screencast that gives additional hints and tips about using buildout, as well as a link to the source code of the module that I use as my example.

Finally, if you're ready to see something a little less polished — something that instead of being a screencast is actually a film of me talking in front of a live audience, and gesturing and jumping around — I filled a vacant lightning-talk slot at our February PyAtl meeting with an impromptu introduction to Kinetic Style Sheets (KSS), using an example application that was still sitting on my laptop after at a Georgia Tech developer's luncheon earlier that week:

[Edit, July 2020: my video “Introduction to KSS” no longer seems to exist]

Now I can finally turn my attention to preparing for my upcoming talk at PyCon 2008 in Chicago! I will be talking about the basic “adapter” design pattern, and how a framework like Zope 3 can facilitate its use. Stay tuned for more information!

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