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The July 2009 issue of Python Magazine

Date: 15 August 2009
Tags:computing, grok, python, zope
Cover of July 2009 Python Magazine

I am home from a relaxing vacation to the Midwest, and while I was gone last week my excellent publishing team released the July issue Python Magazine to the world. I am particularly pleased that two of the feature articles in this issue come from important segments of the Python world that we have not heard much from in previous issues.

First, IronPython, the .NET version of Python for Windows, is the topic of Jonathan Hartley's article about acceptance testing. He illustrates that, regardless of the language in which you write your .NET application, you can deploy simple strategies to make your application testable through a Python test harness, and thereby bring Python's strong flexibility as a testing language to bear on a product that you might be writing in another .NET language.

Second, Malthe Borch, a veteran of the Zope community, shares how he has written Chameleon, one of the fastest template language implementations available for Python. By processing each template and turning it into Python bytecode before it is ever used to render a single page, Malthe eliminates a huge amount of redundant processing as that same code is used over and over again. His library is a key ingredient in the new high-efficiency web frameworks appearing in the Zope world. His work might even (fingers crossed) become one of the components that the Plone community uses as they streamline their framework and move towards a lighter and more agile “Plone 4”.

Other technical topics covered are: the Hadoop map-reduce framework; the concept of hash functions, and how they apply to Python; and the new string formatting operator which Guido hopes will replace all of the percent-signs that currently litter our code. Wrap it all up with an editorial by Steve Holden about EuroPython 2009 and an editorial by me, and you have a complete issue! If you do not find Python Magazine sitting on your local newsstand, then I hope you will avail yourself of a subscription and, as always, let me know what topics you would like to see covered in future issues. Enjoy!

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