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Python at the 2009 Atlanta Linux Fest

Date: 21 September 2009
Tags:computing, plone, python

My Python table at the Atlanta Linux Fest. You can also watch a short video of me demonstrating a depth-first search to some students who dropped by the table. (Thanks, Richard Davies, for the video!)

Running the Python table at the Atlanta Linux Fest this past weekend was a really incredible experience.

First, there was the great feeling that the pillars of the Python community were standing behind me as I stepped forward to represent my favorite programming language. It was Andrew Kuchling who noticed that exhibitor tables at the Fest were free for non-profits like the Python Software Foundation, and Steve Holden who forwarded me a heads-up since I live in Atlanta (the Fest had not yet made it on to my radar). The inimitable Aahz personally shipped me the promotional kit, including a huge “Python” banner and stacks of brochures, that he himself had just used at OSCON 2009. And, completing the loop, it was Andrew who followed up to ask if there were any last things that I needed, and sent me a pile of over one hundred Python stickers that wound up being very popular at the Fest. (I returned home with exactly one, which is sitting next to me on my desk as I type this!)

Here are some lessons that I learned from the experience:

I hope these notes and thoughts help anyone else who winds up with a booth at some future event, and helps you create the warm and welcoming atmosphere for which we should all hope the Python community remains famous.