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Updates to my free chapter on Screen Scraping

Date: 4 June 2012
Tags:python, computing

There are two updates that I need to share with readers of the “Screen Scraping” chapter of Foundations of Python Network Programming, the book I revised for Apress in 2010 — a rewrite of the original edition by John Goerzen that was published in 2004. The chapter is now available for free, right here on my web site:

Free chapter!

Here is a link to Chapter 10 of my 2010 Foundations of Python Network Programming:

“Screen Scraping with BeautifulSoup and lxml”

I chose the screen-scraping chapter for release because the topic is so practical. During the most recent PyCon, the book's fans all sounded surprised as they told me how useful the book was — apparently “Network Programming” in the title made them think that the book would only cover primitive byte and packet operations, instead of tackling popular application-level topics like JSON, SSH, message queues, and server architecture.

Even though barely a year and a half has passed since the book's release, there are already two ways that the chapter's advice has become dated — we should be proud that the Python ecosystem moves so quickly! So I have inserted two “From the Future” warnings into the text as it appears here on my web site. The reasons are:

With those qualifications, the chapter's information should still be accurate; but let me know here in the comments if you can think of other updates that might benefit readers.

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