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These graphs compare the properties of the GoldenEye firearms. While interesting, these complete rankings are of limited practical value since all weapons are never simultaneously available except in single player mode with a cheat activated - in which case the outcome of the engagement is irrelevant. But they illustrate important tradeoffs which figure prominently in the analysis of Multiplayer Modes undertaken on a companion page to this one.

Several of the quantities below were derived from experiment and calculation. Read the page on Methodology for the details of how these were measured.

Firearm performance

Graphed here are two fundamental properties - the (a) clip size and (d) firing rate of each weapon - along with statistics derived from them. For semiautomatic weapons the firing rate is approximately that achievable by a practiced user manually firing the weapon as fast as possible. The (b) emptying time is the time required to fire off the weapon's entire magazine. If a player fires a weapon continuously, stopping only to reload when its magazine is exhausted, then the average rate of fire over the whole period is called the (e) sustainable rate of fire; and during this process the user will spend the given percentage (c) of his time reloading.

(a) Clip size (rounds)
RC-P90 80
Phantom 50
ZMG 32
KF7 30
Klobb 20
Dostovei 8
PP7 7
Magnum 6
Shotgun 5
Auto Shot.
(b) Emptying time (seconds)
RC-P90 8.86
Phantom 7.99
KF7 4.73
Deustche 4.72
Magnum 3.68
Auto Shot. 3.58
Shotgun 3.56
ZMG 3.36
US AR33 3.17
Klobb 3.08
Dostovei 1.41
PP7 1.17
Sniper 1.06
(c) Time reloading (%)
Sniper 45.5
PP7 43.2
Dostovei 38.6
Klobb 22.4
US AR33 21.9
ZMG 20.9
Shotgun 19.9
Auto Shot. 19.8
Magnum 19.4
Deustche 15.8
KF7 15.8
Phantom 10.0
RC-P90 9.1
(d) Firing rate (rounds/second)
ZMG 9.53
US AR33 9.48
RC-P90 9.03
Sniper 7.55
Klobb 6.50
Deustche 6.36
KF7 6.34
Phantom 6.26
PP7 6.00
Dostovei 5.68
Laser 3.41
Magnum 1.63
Shotgun 1.40
Auto Shot. 1.40
(e) Sustainable rate (rounds/second)
RC-P90 8.21
ZMG 7.54
US AR33 7.40
Phantom 5.63
Deustche 5.35
KF7 5.34
Klobb 5.05
Sniper 4.11
Dostovei 3.49
PP7 3.41
Laser 3.41
Magnum 1.31
Shotgun 1.12
Auto Shot. 1.12

Note that small differences in firing rate may not be significant; in particular, the relative rankings of the ZMG and US AR33, as well as those of the Deustche and KF7, may not be correct.

Firearm lethality

See the Weapon Details page for how damage is quantified. While (f) the damage inflicted per shot is the simplest property of each firearm, we can multiply this by (d) the firing rate to determine (g) the rate at which damage can be projected at a target.

The damage implied by either of these simple metrics is only achieved if the target is struck consistently in the head. Since many of the weapons have imperfect aim - especially when operating at their full rate of fire - we introduce a fraction (h) called the `medium range accuracy' which specifies what fraction of the weapon's potential damage is actually inflicted when a character's head is targeted at medium range (since some bullets will strike the chest and limbs instead, and others will miss the target altogether). See the Methodology page for details on how accuracy is measured. Multiplying the accuracy into the simple damage statistics gives us (i,j) figures corrected for the fraction of misses we may expect.

(f) Damage (points/shot)
Auto Shot. 12.0
Shotgun 8.0
RC-P90 7.2
Phantom 5.6
PP7 4.0
Klobb 2.4
(g) Damage rate (points/sec.)
RC-P90 65.0
US AR33 53.1
ZMG 38.1
Phantom 35.0
Sniper 30.2
Laser 27.3
Deustche 25.4
KF7 25.3
PP7 24.0
Dostovei 22.7
Auto Shot. 16.8
Klobb 15.6
Magnum 13.0
Shotgun 11.2
(h) Medium Range Accuracy
Sniper 1.00
PP7 0.95
RC-P90 0.73
US AR33 0.66
Dostovei 0.58
Deustche 0.56
KF7 0.50
ZMG 0.42
Phantom 0.38
Shotgun 0.33
Auto Shot.
Klobb 0.30
(i) Average Damage at Medium Range (points/shot)
Magnum 8.00
RC-P90 5.26
Sniper 4.00
Auto Shot. 3.96
PP7 3.80
US AR33 3.70
Shotgun 2.64
Dostovei 2.32
Deustche 2.24
Phantom 2.13
KF7 2.00
ZMG 1.68
Klobb 0.72
(j) Average Damage Rate at Medium Range (points/second)
RC-P90 47.5
US AR33 35.0
Sniper 30.2
Laser 27.3
PP7 22.8
ZMG 16.0
Deustche 14.2
Phantom 13.3
Dostovei 13.2
Magnum 13.0
KF7 12.7
Auto Shot. 5.5
Klobb 4.7
Shotgun 3.7

It is the raw damage rate which is called `power' by the weapon descriptions, which therefore rank the RC-P90 as the most `powerful' weapon.

Weapons by Classification

The details page assigns each weapon a classification according to its principle of operation. This has no practical use and serves an entirely aesthetic literary purpose; but for any who are interested, here are the weapons grouped by their category:
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