Poems by Newton Marion Rhodes

Spelling and punctuation per the manuscript

The Water Mill

The winds are Shrill the mills are Still
The frozen pond is fringed with Snow
And broken ice in Strange devise
Lies on the Sunlit banks below

When I am cold, my children old
Our place who’ll fill or mill rebuild
Will lands be Sold that we now hold
And Strangers all our homesteads fill

The mill you love— then push and Shove
But from the mill the hungry fill
Do what is right in dark or light
And we’ll perpetuate this mill

This is my will when I am dead
You join as one the mill improve
Join heart and hand and hold this land
And Strongly build the the mill with love

Love man and God while here you build
Let your foundation be his word
Your children rais to do his will
And leaks and breaks will not be feared

When I am gone will you go on
With love for each to Each be just
Let love my vacant places fill
And faithful prove every trust

I ve toiled long to make you Strong
Be guided by the God of love
Let weak nor Strong lead you to wrong
But proove on firm for heaven above

Jan. 12th 1886

Lena Children

It is a crowning pleasure when
I hear sweet Bessie’s coos and glee
And slow soft tone of Ethel N
And Elmers earnest call for me

Grand children are the crown
They call up pleasures from
the past.
Though they may prate and pout
and frown
In sunshine all will end
at last

Shell Ala Aug 17th

Luera Young

I ll not forget your Sweet Sad face
Nor form so fair nor heart So true
With trust I trace the home you grace
With tender ties left lone with you

When I feel lone I ll pictuer you
A blossom bowd in tears awhile
Like drops of dew in rainbow hew
To deck your home when Sunshine Smile

Shell, Ala Nov

Our Lifes

Life been cold and dark and drear
We may have winter weather
But Sunless days we ll pass dear one
In perfect peace togather
Lifes Snow that falls will pass away
And leave our day more brighter
So every trial truly braved
Will leave lifes burden lighter

Had I not learned your turns and traits
The light and Shade along your ways
I might have past your open gates
And grooped in darkness all my days

In the Heart

A Stream of love for all doth lie
A stronger cord for Kindred bind
But Still there is a nearer tie
In Silence round our tendrils twine

T is wove by one who cleavs lifes tide
At evry turn in rise and fall
Who weep when want and woe betide
But bravely Stem the Storm of all

Shell Ala. Dec. 8th 1894


On the grave slab of Amy Rhodes, his mother (d. 1868) impossible to read except what follows, copied by Brandon Rhodes, November 24, 1989:

Here lies the gentle mother’s dust
Who taught us though—
That with God we put our trust
There will be rest—etoms

On the tombstone of his son, also copied by Brandon:

Robert William Rhodes
b. July 22, 1850 d. 187
24 years 3 months 18 days

Shine lovely stars forever
In the night upon his grave
God has this union severed
And taken what he gave

Design by Brandon Rhodes