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Confirmed - Evening 10 July 1998:
Confirmed - the Fox slept in Lynchburg, VA

Projected - Evening 12 July 1998:
Projected - Driping Rock Parking Area
Projected - 825.2 miles complete (38.11%)
Projected - 1340.3 miles to go (61.89%)

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[10 July 1998] Within the past week the Fox was given an unanticipated invitation from a friend to stay in Lynchburg, which he has accepted. He reported that he was fed a very good meal. The Fox reports that temperature highs have been around 70 and 80 degrees, and that during difficult uphill climbs he is `incredibly' sweaty. Those vistas which are available to him consist primarily of ridgetop overlooks, and he recently enjoyed one good sunset over a valley (he usually tries to be in camp by sunset). Recently the Fox hiked a 27.4 mile day to make up for some accumulated lost time; at the end of this trek some other campers were generous enough to offer him a steak. The Fox hiked with NaPensee (Miller Templeton) most of today, after the latter skipped part of the trail by car.
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The white arrow indicates the Fox's last confirmed position on the trail.

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