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Confirmed - Afternoon 27 July 1998:
Confirmed - the Fox left the trail near
Confirmed - South Mountain, PA
Confirmed - 1051.2 miles complete (48.54%)
Confirmed - 1114.3 miles to go (51.46%) Confirmed -
Confirmed - The Fox is resting in Chambersburg, PA

Fox In Chambersburg

[28 July 1998] The Fox has indeed reached Chambersburg, and checked in to the Econo Lodge where he will stay at least four days. His foot does not hurt as badly as when he entered the emergency room last week, but is still badly swollen.
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The white arrow indicates the Fox's last confirmed position on the trail.

The blue arrow is an estimate of the Fox's current position.

If the Fox is significantly ahead of or behind his projected schedule, a red arrow will appear that indicates where he had planned to be by this date.

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