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Confirmed - 31 August 1998:
Confirmed - the Fox will continue
Confirmed - where he left off at
Confirmed - South Mountain, PA
Confirmed - 1051.2 miles complete (48.54%)
Confirmed - 1114.3 miles to go (51.46%)

Web Page Will Not Update

[2 September 1998] The maintainer of these pages will be hiking along the Colorado River in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona over the next two weeks and so the page will not change to reflect the Fox's progress. A report will be produced when the author returns home. In the meantime you may want to direct your attention to the Fox's own Appalachian Trail page which he will update when he returns.
Map (overview)


The white arrow indicates the Fox's last confirmed position on the trail.

The blue arrow is an estimate of the Fox's current position.

If the Fox is significantly ahead of or behind his projected schedule, a red arrow will appear that indicates where he had planned to be by this date.

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