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Confirmed - Last contact with the Fox was at:
Confirmed - the Hudson River, NY
Confirmed - 1378.9 miles complete (63.83%)
Confirmed - 781.3 miles to go (36.17%)


[25 June 1999] The Fox reported in from Stormville, New York on Friday morning. He got to eat pizza with fellow hikers at the shelter Thursday night, after a neighbor living by the trail took two of the hikers to the pizza store and they arranged to have some delivered right to the shelter. This is apparently a common practice at shelters with convenient access to roads and phones, although this was the Fox's first order-out pizza on the trail. He ate parts of both a sausage and a mushroom pizza.

Saturday was expected to be a hot 97 degrees, but the temperature is usually at 5am when the Fox starts his day. He usually turns in around 9:30pm, as life in the outdoors is much more closely wedded to the cycle of the sun than is electricity-based life.

Hudson River

[23 June 1999] Our latest report comes from the Hudson River, where the Fox reported that he has crossed into New York state. The state border was indicated only by a white line painted on a rock. The sun has been hot on those occasions when the path reached a clearing or a hilltop; but most of the Fox's journey into New York has been through shady woods. He guesses that there the Appalachian hills rise only about 500 ft above the surrounding plain (their peaks rise a total of roughly 1,500 ft above sea level). Soon he will reach the lowest point on the Trail at 124 feet above sea level.

Overall he says that New York and New Jersey are quite boring. He found the New York portion of the AT unimpressive, sending him right up and down steep inclines and unmodified rock faces - of course, the Fox is from California, where at parks like Yosemite dynamite is used to carve trails.

The weather has been clear since the rain cleared up Monday morning. When he spoke to us Thursday he was planning to eat lunch at the Bear Mountain Inn, and cross the Hudson to continue across New York.

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The white arrow indicates the Fox's last confirmed position on the trail.

The blue arrow is an estimate of the Fox's current position.

If the Fox is significantly ahead of or behind his projected schedule, a red arrow will appear that indicates where he had planned to be by this date.

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