Rhodes Mill

The Original Rhodes Mill

Newton Marion Rhodes Mill & Mercantile Company
Shell, Alabama 1890


The Old Mill
The story of our ancestral Rhodes, his family, and the enterprise he built through the nineteenth century.
Close Calls
Stories of World War II flight training from Colonel “Chuck” Whitehead.


Brandon Craig Rhodes
Home page of the owner and maintainer of the Rhodes Mill site.
The Fox
Also known as Bobby de Vos, this intrepid hiker tackled the first half of the Appalachian Trail last summer and his status was monitored on this page.


GoldenEye Arms Reference
An unofficial but high quality catalog of the weapons available in the GoldenEye game available for the Nintendo 64. Includes detailed descriptions, lists of features, and comparative rankings.
This Python module provides high precision astronomical computation of the positions of the sun, moon, and other solar system bodies, along with several other calculations of interest for amateur observational astronomy.
Rhodes Mill logo The acronym NMRM& Co was branded on the thousands of timbers produced each year by the Rhodes Mill. It is now the emblem of our Web site. If you want to link to a location on this site, we welcome your use of this icon as our identification.

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